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BackWater Cabins is located in east central Alabama off the shores of 45,200 acre Lake Eufaula, known as "The Bass Capital of the World".

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Fishing is one of the main sports mentioned around here because, well, there's GREAT FISHING here, what can I say? You will see. 2009 is expected to be a good bass year, with a high population of small largemouth and spotted bass in the lake, as well as good numbers of 2 to 5 pound bass and a few lunkers. Crappie fishing should do well in the thick brushes along the edge of back water creeks and channels. Bass should be lurking around the top but usually they will be at least 10 to 20 feet deep in the fall and winter months.
Alabama is a hunter's paradise with the second largest deer and turkey populations in the country. Around BackWater Cabins there are several hunting clubs and facilities that would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Hunting and fishing is a way of life for several around these parts because our fathers taught us, and their fathers taught them, and...well you know. Call us if you have questions and we will be glad to help you.
  • Deer
  • Turkey
  • Quail
  • Duck
  • Hog
  • Dove
    Boating & Skiing
    Boating and skiing is also something common around this area. We have several marines that carry all kinds of boats and offer many different rental packages if you do not have a boat. If you do have a boat, then you are in boat country. We have several great landings that are only minutes away from us.

    If you enjoy skiing you've came to the right place. The lake has several places marked for skiers wanting to ski on this beautiful water. If you like it a little "choppy", but not too "choppy" then late afternoon is perfect. If you're like me and you like it calm, then early morning between sun-up and 10:00 AM is perfect.
    Swimming & Picnics
    During the summer months swimming is a big entertainment for kids and adults around here. You have several places on the lake that are marked off for swimming should you and family want to cool off for a while. There are also facilities near by that have swimming pools if you would rather swim in a pool. Either one is cool and refreshing and the water here is very nice.

    Picnic areas are plentiful and ready for you and the family. There are several picnic areas within minutes of BackWater Cabins that you can visit and enjoy. Most of them have been recently remodeled and improved to accomodate the large crowds of people that visit us every year.
    Outdoors & Nature Walks
    Since you will be located on one of the most beautiful surroundings in the south you will see and experience the most increditable views of your life. Looking across the beautiful waters in the mornings and evenings and watching the sun rise and set is breath-taking. I've lived around here for several years and visiting these waters many times just to sit and experience the peacefullness.

    You will find several facilities while you are here that has Nature Walk trails. I would invite you and the family to try these out if you've not been in the south much. They will give you a good experience of the beauty and the way of life we enjoy here.
    We have everything you need to make your stay exciting and pleasurable while you enjoy the many activities that surround you!